Bikes for sale

A message from Juvenile/Patrol Officer Richard Subers 

    The Brookhaven Police department has accumulated a significant amount of Bicycles (30 ish)  over a period of time. This assortment of bicycles were either lost, stolen or discarded and never claimed by their previous owners. The bicycles looking for a new home consist of 20" BMX , Mountain bikes for both Men and Woman, and children's bicycles. Some of the bicycles were neglected by their previous owners and are in need of a little TLC. All bicycles will be available for sale on Saturday 12/13/14 at 1330 hours (1:30pm), at the Brookhaven Municipal Center Gymnasium, located at 2 Cambridge Road. Each bicycle will be for sold for a $5 fee, and on a first come first serve basis.

   Any questions please call Officer Richard Subers at 610 876 6142   ext 119