Sunoco Logistics - Mariner East Pipeline

According to our Borough Engineer's office, Sunoco Logistics is working in the front yard of 5005 and 5007 Chester Creek Rd. The work is associate with the Mariner East pipeline but is not the actual pipeline location. They are directionally drilling the pipeline under Chester Creek. The operation includes the pumping of bentonite ( a slurry made of clay and water ) to fill any voids created by the drilling. The slurry apparently followed a fracture in the rock under the area and started to bubble out in the area of 5005 and 5007. The work is to clean up and remove the slurry. This is a non toxic substance as it is only clay and water. The duration of the work is unknown because they do not know the full extent of the errant slurry. They have been advised to come in and make a full report with the Borough office.  Any questions can be directed to the Sunoco Logistics hotline number 855-430-4491.