Sunoco Logistics - Pipeline Update

The Borough's job is to make sure that the damage caused to the residential properties in Brookhaven that have been impacted by this event is repaired/restored.  Sunoco Logistics has accepted Brookhaven's invitation and has agreed to send a representative to the Brookhaven Borough Council Workshop meeting on MONDAY MAY 22nd beginning at 7:00pm to answer Brookhaven residents' questions.  State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky is working to bring DEP to the meeting as well. Only they can answer your questions regarding this issue. Sunoco Logistics has also given us a hotline number 855-430-4491.  Further, State officials have been overseeing this clean up operation.  In addition, Council received this message from our Borough Engineer's office today: "Received confirmation that Sunoco will have someone here Monday night.  Their permit stipulates what can be used and Sunoco says it is the same requirements for drilling a water well."