Sunoco Logistics Pipeline Update & Documents

Update from Sunoco:  There has been minimal activity in the Chester Creek area since the May 22nd Borough Council workshop as we coordinate with the DEP to complete our work while ensuring the protection of Chester Creek. Sandbag containment will remain in place on Chester Creek Road and within the creek while work is pending. These sandbags help prevent sediment (in this case bentonite clay) from impacting waterways. The entire Chester Creek Road work area will be fully restored upon completion of construction.

At the May 22nd meeting, the subject of a cleanup of diesel fuel was discussed. On that day, one of our generators along Chester Creek Road experienced an overflow of 2-3 gallons of diesel fuel due to expansion of the fuel in the tank in the heat of the day. We removed the fuel and any affected soil and there was no impact to the creek.

Sunoco Pipeline continues to operate a 24-hour informational hotline at 855-430-4491. For more information on the Mariner East 2 construction project, visit  Sunoco Logistics pipeline information provided to us can be found under the DOCUMENTS and DOWNLOADS tab (upper right corner), then ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS.