Middletown Township Sewer Authority - Blasting

Brookhaven Residents - PSA:  
The Middletown Township Sewer Authority, in conjunction with their contractors, will be working in the area of Chester Creek Road between Dutton Mill Road and Bridgewater Road over the next few weeks. Part of the project involves a subcontractor conducting some controlled blasting of underground rock with explosives in order to facilitate the installation of a new sewer main. The Borough met with all involved parties last week to discuss the planned operations and the impact to residents in the area, including Chester Water Authority, Sunoco, Brookhaven Fire Dept., Brookhaven Police Dept., and the Borough Fire Marshall. The contractor has complied with all requirements in order to obtain a permit under the authority of the Brookhaven Fire Marshall. As far as what to expect, the contractor advised that any explosive noise will be less than what residents in the area hear coming from Field and Stream in Middletown. Further, the contractor will be utilizing an electric air horn to signal any imminent blasting (three short blasts before, and one blast after). Highway traffic will be controlled and limited during the preparation phases. During the actual blasting phases, highway traffic will be completely shut down. The contractor advised that full closures will only be for short periods, possibly several times throughout the day. The Sewer Authority expects the project to take several weeks. Should residents have any questions about the project we encourage you to contact the Borough Office (610-874-2557) as they have all the information on file and can forward any specific questions to the right person.