Month: July 2018

New web site!

Please pardon our appearance, we have a new web site and doing our best to upload old content as well as add new content. Things should be looking better in the days to come!

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Natural Herbicide

For those of you fighting weeds and are concerned with chemicals in the water, have pets, etc., here’s a natural way that works! Mix one gallon of vinegar, 2 cups of Epsom salt, and 1/4 cup Dawn (blue) dish soap.  Pour in a sprayer and spray on weeds.  It will kill them as well as Roundup...

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Brookhaven Businesses Recycle

COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES: As a reminder, all Borough of Brookhaven businesses must have a recycling program. Newspapers, office paper/mail, plastics, aluminum, cardboard and glass must be recycled.  It is required that you have a contract with a hauler for recycle.  A requirement of your business license is that you provide the Borough a yearly recycling report of all your...

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Stormwater Tips

After a very rainy month of May, here are a few reminders about stormwater. When rain hits the pavement, whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk or street, it picks up and mixes with what is there.This could include: oil, grease and automotive fluid; fertilizer and pesticides from gardens and homes; bacteria from pet waste and improperly maintained septic systems; soap from car washing; debris and litter. Many assume that stormwater flows down storm drains and then to a treatment facility. That is not the case.  Stormwater flows from the inlets directly into local waters, including the ocean. Do your part to prevent stormwater pollution.  Do not put anything down a storm drain; clean up after your pet; take your car to a commercial car wash instead of washing at home; and minimize use of fertilizers and...

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PECO Conducting Inspections

PECO will be conducting Natural Gas Inspections over the next 30 days throughout the Borough. The majority of inspections will be conducted outdoors. About 220 homes have indoor meters and will be contacted by PECO. Peco representative Michael Colicchio has been designated as the inspector to complete the task. He will be in uniform and have ID around his neck. The police Dept. is aware that he will be in town. PECO contact number is 610-...

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Chlorine Disposal

Attention Brookhaven residents with a pool — empty chlorine containers/leftover, chlorine tablets or out of date tablets – as soon as they hit water they create hot temperature which starts fires. B & L had a truck on fire.   Suggestion, put any chlorine product separate in double plastic bags and place a note on it for the trash...

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We need volunteers to help with our Butterfly Garden as well as anyone who may be interested in serving as an alternate to our Zoning Hearing Board. Please call the office if you would like to volunteer.. 610-874-2557....

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Historic Images

Hall Rentals

Having a party or other celebration?

Rent the borough hall!

The borough hall has these and many more great amenities:

  • Plenty of parking
  • Modern kitchen, large refrigerators
  • Beautiful dinning room
  • Restrooms
  • Optional use of the gymnasium

Contact the Borough Office for more information

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