Month: December 2018


Plastic containers for soda, milk and other beverages and other packaging, generally identified by a number between one (1) and seven (7) stamped or printed on the bottom or side of the product, excluding number six (6).   Items included are water, soda, milk containers, detergent and soap plastic containers (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7). Please not this may change in January ’19, when China changes their recycle...

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County Reassessment Info

Please be advised that Tyler Technologies has been contracted by Delaware county to provide valuation services for the 2021 countywide reassessment project. During this phase of the project, our staff will be working within your municipality to collect current property data and confirm or verify existing county assessment property records. This occurs by visiting properties, measuring improvements, observing and noting all exterior building characteristics. These efforts will be conducted by Tyler employees, called Data Collectors, who can be identified by their day-glo work vests which bear the “TYLER” name on the back and by their Delaware county issued photo ID badge. At each property, data collectors will knock on the door before proceeding with data collection. If an adult is home, data collectors will ask a series of questions relevant to the property characteristics – such as room count, basement area, type of heating/cooling, date of last remodel, etc. They will never ask to be invited into the home Effective January 2, 2019 Data Collectors will begin working in your municipality. Should you or the residents within your area have any questions, please call the informational hotline, telephone # (610) 891-5695. Tyler staff will be happy to assist.  Additional information can also be found by visiting the reassessment project website: ...

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Cold Weather Plan

Delaware County Council reminds residents of the County’s Cold Weather Plan, which is put in place each year to assist the elderly, vulnerable and homeless during extreme weather conditions. These resources are offered through various agencies and networks including our Delaware County Division of Adult and Family Services, the Office of Services for the Aging (COSA), the Department of Intercommunity Health and Community Action Agency of Delaware County. These programs help residents year ‘round, but when the weather turns bad and possibly dangerous, these agencies expand their efforts. Our Division of Adult and Family Services provides a winter shelter directory that is distributed to police, municipalities and other officials. They also connect residents with the Community Action Agency of Delaware County and low-income energy assistance programs such as LIHEAP, and PECO’s energy assistance programs. COSA extends outreach to senior citizens, including having case managers check on seniors who may be vulnerable. They also have a weatherline for residents to call for tips and resources. The County Department of Intercommunity Health provides information to connect residents to temporary housing and assistance with food and utilities. And also a reminder to register for our DelcoAlert system, which alerts residents when there is a weather emergency such as power outages or road closures. The full Cold Weather Plan can be found...

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Hall Rentals

Having a party or other celebration?

Rent the borough hall!

The borough hall has these and many more great amenities:

  • Plenty of parking
  • Modern kitchen, large refrigerators
  • Beautiful dinning room
  • Restrooms
  • Optional use of the gymnasium

Contact the Borough Office for more information

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