A Message From the Police Chief - Phone Scams

Windows Computer Scam

A few residents have received phone calls from area code 975.The caller claims he or she is a representative of "Windows" computer company.

The caller states that they have received and reviewed alerts from your IP address when you were on line, that viruses have been detected on your computer and that you may be in danger of Identity theft. They will then ask you to log on and they will want you to type in a computer address they supply.

DO NOT DO THIS! Please hang up right away. If you comply, they will have access to all of your computer files etc.

If this happens to you contact the police via 911.

Also, if you have parents or friends that are elderly, please make them aware of this scam.

PECO phone scam

As many of you may be aware there has been a Peco scam going on recently.

The primary targets have been commercial businesses, but its only a matter of time before they try it on residential houses.

The caller will state that he/she is from Peco and that your bill is delinquent. They say your electric will be shut off unless you follow their directions. They claim that you owe a specific amount and will direct you to go to a store, Wawas and pharmacies for example, and purchase"Green Dot" cards or "temporary" credit cards.They will then call you back and want the numbers on the credit cards; they will then have access to the money.

Brookhaven Police Department assures you that the electric company will NEVER ask for payment in this manner. 

If you have caller ID, please record the number and then use 911 to call the police.

Again, please pass this on to your senior friends.