Distraction Burglary Alert

Just wanted to give all residents a “heads up” on a rash of Distraction Burglaries that have been taken place throughout Delaware County.  (None in Brookhaven)  
There have been white males , some of foreign decent, knocking on doors claiming to be Insurance agents , Boro workers, and/or Utility works.  They will engage whoever answers the door and distract them while their “Partner” goes to a rear door and enters the property.  The person “inside” will then steal jewelry and expensive items.   This is all done in a matter of minutes! 
Please be aware of your surroundings and if you get anybody coming to your house that you didn’t call, please dial 911 and we will investigate.  Let them know you are calling because if they are legitimate they won’t mind.  If they are NOT they will flee.    Don’t put yourself in harm’s  way, but any info you can get would be helpful ie  vehicle tag or description, person description, etc.   
                                            Thank you, Chief Randy McGoldrick.