Message from the Chief- Prize Scam

Residents are asked to be aware of a new scam that has been circulating close to this area.   

The scam works like this….    You will receive an unsolicited phone call and you will be informed that you have just won a small prize.   It is very possible they will already have all your information   ie name Address etc to make it feel realistic.    They will then schedule a time for the delivery of the prize.   

When they arrive they will actually give you a gift.  Usually flowers , bottle of wine Candy etc..  They will say it is promotional for a new business.     Then they will announce that since alcohol is involved that you pay a very minor monitory value of $3.00 or less.   They claim they will not take cash because they need to keep a record and do not want delivery persons not to report the “Cash”     They will then ask you to use a credit card and swipe it on a card reader hooked up to their smart phone.  They let you enter the very small amount so you don’t become suspicious.      

After they leave, they now have your credit card information and will use it until it is maxed out leaving you  with the fraud.  

Advice…   If you receive such a call and you have not entered a “Contest”, politely decline and hang up.  Its either a Scam or an attempt to solicit a product, which they will hard sell.  

If you are still not sure , offer them to meet you at the police station to give you the prize.  I would love to meet them!!!!      I’m betting they decline       Please be careful and always know your surroundings.   

Wishing all a Joyous and Happy Thanksgiving     Chief Randy McGoldrick