Phone Scams - Be Aware

Ladies and Gentleman …   Please be aware of some current “Phone scams” that are occurring in the Boro.       At the last Council meeting I spoke of these “Scams” and sure enough the next day I had two people contact me that they were potential victims.     Fortunately our residents were smarter than the predators.   
Here are the “Scams”
Phone calls are being made (mostly by out of state area codes) and the person Identifies themselves as a representative of the US IRS department. The person will say you owe back taxes.   They will then say that you will not receive your W 2 form, or you will not receive a refund unless you follow their directions.  They will then direct you to go to a local store and purchase “gift credit cards” and ask you to supply them the number, or in some instances ask you to give them your credit card number so you can pay a portion of the “money owed”.  They will also threatened that if you don’t they will have you arrested.   I assure you the IRS does not operate this way.   Please .. please do NOT entertain these calls.   Copy the phone number, if you can, and give us a call to let us know.   If you are still not sure, you can stop in or call me and I will call the REAL IRS for you. 
The other “Scam” is phone calls being made by persons identifying themselves as employees of Computer manufactures.   They will say there is some kind of problem with your computer.  They will ask you to “sign on” and then instruct you on how to let them “sign in” to your computer “remotely”.  Once you do, they have access to all your information on your computer.  They will use it for Identity theft and any other number of ways to make you suffer a loss.    Again, try to write the phone number down, end the call immediately, and let us know.  
Thank you and stay safe…   Regards   Chief McGoldrick