County Council recognizes Brookhaven storm team

As part of national Emergency Preparedness Month, Delaware County Council recognized the swift, coordinated response of Brookhaven Borough to the severe thunderstorm that ripped through the county on June 23. Shown, front from left, are Helen Elmer, Brookhaven health officer, borough Councilwoman Donna Fooks, Police Chief Randy McGoldrick, Councilwoman Denise Leslie, County Councilman John McBlain, Mayor Mike Hess, borough councilwoman Sue Truesdale, firefighter Dave Schlott, councilman John Wilwert, emergency management deputy Steve Schultz and borough secretary Mary McKinley, and back row, borough building maintenance supervisor Harry Swayngim, Delaware County Council members Mike Culp, Vice Chair Colleen Morrone, Chairman Mario J. Civera Jr., Dave White, county Emergency Services staff Tom Morgan and borough secretary Dawn Jones.

2015 BrookhavenStormTeam