Halloween Greetings From the Police Chief

Here's wishing everyone a Happy and SAFE Halloween...

If you are planning on giving out candy please keep your outside lights on so the children know you are participating.

Also please only give out treats that have the original wrappers on them.

For all the younger Ghouls , princesses , skeletons and sport players (and any one I've forgotten) please go Trick or Treating with your Parents or guardian.

For the older "Walking Dead" and rock stars (male and female) please Trick or Treat in a group, it will be a lot safer.

Lastly , do not knock on any doors where the lights are not on. If you are not sure , it is safer to skip that house.

Parents , at the end of the night make sure you look through your children's cache of treats to make sure all is safe...remember the rule, for every 10 Reese's Cups you get to have one!

Chief Randy