Brookhaven Borough made the 2016’s Best Places for Families to Live in Pennsylvania List!

2016’s Best Places for Families to Live in Pennsylvania - Brookhaven is #29

by Richie Bernardo

2016 Best Worst Cities for Families in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania earned its nickname as the Keystone State for a good reason: it’s an economic, political and social powerhouse that is key to the growth of America. In other words, it possesses all the trappings of a family-friendly state.

For one, Pennsylvania boasts the sixth-largest state economy by GDP, driven by 18 of the Fortune 500 companies and booming natural-resource industries for which the state also received its other popular monikers — the Coal State, Oil State and Steel State. Its unemployment rate of 4.8 percent — below the nation’s 4.9 percent, as of January —should also pair well with the above-average median family income and strong housing market of the state.

But if your kids’ education is your top priority, you’ll be pleased to know they’ll be bunched with some of the brightest tools in the shed. Pennsylvania students scored higher than the national average in both math and reading standardized tests, according to the latest figures from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Besides its economic vibrancy and quality schools, Pennsylvania offers plenty more for everyone: a lush landscape, a rich history, all four seasons, and major urban centers from one end of the state to the other. Oh, and did we mention that Pennsylvania is the chocolate capital of America?

To find the best spots in the Keystone State for families to put down roots, WalletHub’s analysts compared 129 cities in the state across 21 key indicators of ideal family conditions. Our data set ranges from the percentage of families with young children to median family income to housing affordability. For the results, additional expert commentary and a detailed description of our methodology, visit