Brookhaven's New Trash Company - B&L Disposal

Brookhaven Borough has a new trash company – B&L DISPOSAL SERVICE

  • Trash days will continue to be on Wednesdays w/ bulk trash
  • Yard waste not to exceed 40 lbs
  • Tree branches cut in 4’ lengths or less
  • Mattresses/box springs put out for bulk trash MUST have a mattress cover on them or they will not be picked up.  Covers can be found at Home Depot (possibly Lowes as well).
  • Recyclables will be picked up separately and should be placed a few feet from the trash to avoid confusion.Also, if recyclables are placed in a trash bag, use clear bags so haulers know its recycling.  If using a regular trash can for recyclables, please make sure it has a RECYCLE sticker on it.  The office has the stickers.
  • Animal waste to be in plastic bags before putting in trashcan.

Items that will NOT be picked up by B & L Disposal Service:

  • Cans over 40 lbs.
  • Building material (homeowner is responsible for disposal)
  • Auto parts
  • House cleanout – homeowners are to rent a dumpster if cleaning out a home (moving, etc.).
  • If a member of a household has chemo/radiation or iodine treatments, please don’t put their tissues, diapers, or any other article in the trash.  It will set off a hazardous load in the truck and set back the regular trash pickup for several hours (DEP regulations).   Call the County for disposal options.

Appliances containing Freon/refrigerant cannot be placed at the curb, but can be recycled during one of our electronic/appliance recycling days (see below).

Our 2017 electronics/shredding dates are as follows:

Electronics*/Shredding: Saturday, April 1st from 9:00am until noon at Borough Hall parking lot

Electronics* ONLY:  Saturday, June 10th from 9:00am until noon at Borough Hall parking lot

Electronics*/Shredding:  Saturday October 7th from 9:00am until noon at Borough Hall parking lot

               *Electronics – anything with a plug