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Report of Spotted Lanternfly

There have been several reports of Spotted Lantern Fly found in Borough of Brookhaven. We are taken the appropriate actions in this matter. The PA Dept of Agriculture is accepting any sightings of spotted lantern fly (link provided below). They will investigate and determine the appropriate action needed to contain the Fly. Report Spotted Lanternfly Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm: 1-888-4BAD-FLY (1-888-422-3359) From PA Dept of Agriculture website “Penn State University and Extension, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) have joined forces to control and contain the spread of SLF.  Penn State University is leading the research efforts currently underway to answer the many questions we have about the insect’s biology, pesticide studies, and the ability of the insect to adapt to the environment in Pennsylvania.   USDA and PDA are actively treating locations where SLF has been reported.  USDA is treating on the outer edges where the populations are small and will begin to move inward towards the center of the quarantine.  PDA is treating areas where the population numbers are high and is targeting high risk pathways which may contribute to moving the insect to other locations.  As funding is available, both USDA and PDA will work on properties for treatment.  PDA is also surveying all counties in the state outside the quarantine looking for SLF.” More information can be found Pa Dept of Agriculture Lantern...

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Recycling Reminders

TRASH – Please note TV’s DO NOT go out in trash on Wednesdays.  All pizza boxes and plastic bags are regular trash along with caps from plastic water and soda bottles or milk or juice jugs.  We have new stickers that can be placed on your trash receptacle.  Please call the borough office 610-874-2557 if you have a trash complaint.  Mattress and Box Springs must be wrapped in plastic before it goes out to the curb. RECYCLES – ALL RECYCLES MUST BE LOOSE IN A RECYCLE CONTAINER — not in plastic bags. Brown paper bags, glass, cans, newspapers and cardboard are recyclables. PLASTIC THAT IS MARKED WITH A DIAMOND 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 ARE RECYCLABLES, Number 6 is excluded and not recyclable.  Any cardboard that gets wet will be considered regular...

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Center for Life Long Learning

The Center for Life Long Learning for 50+ learners in Aston, Brookhaven, Concord and Springfield Communities offers a variety of fitness, art, literature, health & wellness and driver education classes for a nominal fee. For more information, contact Farah Esfahani at 484-496-2143 or...

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April is Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month

The month of April 2019 is recognized as “Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month” across our Commonwealth, an initiative supported by Pennsylvania 811, a utility notification information center celebrating its 47th year of continuous service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Brookhaven Borough is thankful for the service provided by Pennsylvania 811 and encourages ALL residents, engineers, designers, excavators and homeowners to dial 8-1-1 at least three (3) business days in advance of an excavation project such as planting a tree, installing a mailbox post, building a deck, installing a fence or swimming pool or replacing a driveway. Before you dig, please dial 8-1-1!  Thank you. Brookhaven Borough Council and Mayor...

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Trash Delay – Items NOT Permitted in Regular Trash

Attn Brookhaven Residents: The municipal’s trash hauler BB&L, had a truck held up today Wed. 1/30/19 at the trash transfer station because someone put either used tissues, disposable underwear or something they used while they are on nuclear medicine treatments. They call this a ”Hot Load.” This will put one trash truck out of service for today. Once the truck is released, they will sent the truck to a land fill in Bristol to be unloaded. Although they are down one truck down, they hope to have all trash picked up today. Please help us get the word out that no NUCLEAR MEDICINE items may be put into the regular trash. Patients should ask their doctor about the proper disposal of any nuclear medicine items. THANK...

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Cold Weather Plan

Delaware County Council reminds residents of the County’s Cold Weather Plan, which is put in place each year to assist the elderly, vulnerable and homeless during extreme weather conditions. These resources are offered through various agencies and networks including our Delaware County Division of Adult and Family Services, the Office of Services for the Aging (COSA), the Department of Intercommunity Health and Community Action Agency of Delaware County. These programs help residents year ‘round, but when the weather turns bad and possibly dangerous, these agencies expand their efforts. Our Division of Adult and Family Services provides a winter shelter directory that is distributed to police, municipalities and other officials. They also connect residents with the Community Action Agency of Delaware County and low-income energy assistance programs such as LIHEAP, and PECO’s energy assistance programs. COSA extends outreach to senior citizens, including having case managers check on seniors who may be vulnerable. They also have a weatherline for residents to call for tips and resources. The County Department of Intercommunity Health provides information to connect residents to temporary housing and assistance with food and utilities. And also a reminder to register for our DelcoAlert system, which alerts residents when there is a weather emergency such as power outages or road closures. The full Cold Weather Plan can be found...

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Urgent – Radiation Therapy items placed in special bags

Brookhaven Residents: Effective immediately, any items that contain or come in contact with body fluids or secretions of patients receiving radiation therapy are asked not to place these items in regular trash.  Please purchase yellow radioactive materials bags and place these at curb separated from other bags.   Consult your physician as to how long after your last treatment you should do this. This is now a requirement of the DEP. After which of the following procedures should a patient’s body fluids be considered radioactive?   A nuclear medical procedure- Nuclear medicine uses radiation that is not contained.  It is carried out of the patient’s body with feces, urine, perspiration, blood,...

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Brookhaven Businesses Recycle

COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES: As a reminder, all Borough of Brookhaven businesses must have a recycling program. Newspapers, office paper/mail, plastics, aluminum, cardboard and glass must be recycled.  It is required that you have a contract with a hauler for recycle.  A requirement of your business license is that you provide the Borough a yearly recycling report of all your...

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Chlorine Disposal

Attention Brookhaven residents with a pool — empty chlorine containers/leftover, chlorine tablets or out of date tablets – as soon as they hit water they create hot temperature which starts fires. B & L had a truck on fire.   Suggestion, put any chlorine product separate in double plastic bags and place a note on it for the trash...

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