Police Department






Brookhaven was incorporated as a Borough in April 1945. Prior to incorporation the Borough had a constable for 38 years by the name of Robert Platt, and the Pennsylvania State Police patrolled the Borough.

The Brookhaven Police Department was founded in the 1950's from a group of Fire Police Officers.  When the department began the officers patrolled in their own vehicles and did not have radio communication.  If the police had a call, the Delaware County Radio room dispatcher would leave a telephone message at the officer's residence and their wives would leave the porch light on.  So, the officers would frequently pass their residence. The first official police car was a 1959 Studebaker.


The first Police Chief was Walter Conley.  The department was reorganized in 1962 and Gerald Newcomb, a retired Pennsylvania State Police Officer, was appointed the Chief of Police.  Approximately eight years later he was replaced by Harry Herrick, who was then replaced by Clarence "Fusty" Kennedy.  John M. Eller was appointed as Chief of Police in 1981. He served as Chief until December 2012, when he retired. Randolph McGoldrick was appointed Chief of Police in January 2013. 




The Police Chief oversees a department that consists of six full-time patrolman, one full-time officer assigned to investigations, nine part-time patrolmen and one civilian.


The police department has a vehicle fleet of six marked patrol vehicles and one unmarked vehicle.


The department has one officer skilled in accident reconstruction, Officers George Pappas. Brookhaven also participates in the Pennsylvania's "Click it or Ticket" and "Aggressive Driving" campaings. These details are coordinated by Officer Martin with approval of the Chief of Police.


The department has two officers assigned to the Central Delaware County Tactical Team they are, Officer Pappas (Sniper Team), and Chief Randolph McGoldrick (Negotiator).


The department also has a Mountain Bike Patrol Unit.  Currently Officers Daniel Fisher and Kevin Crouse are certified mountain bicycle officers.


Brookhaven is one of several municipalities in the county to have a Youth Aid Panel.  The Youth Aid Panel is a group of concerned citizens who hear minor juvenile offenses and provide a form of education in lieu of having the child enter the Juvenile Justice System.  The Brookhaven Youth Aid Panel is the longest running youth aid panel in the Delaware County (1977).


The department also works closely with Brookhaven Town Watch, which was formed in 1995.  Town Watch members have been of great assistance to the department over the years.


The department consists of the following officers:


#2701 Randolph McGoldrick, Chief of Police (1985)


#2723 Officer George Pappas (1982)

#2724 Officer Gregory Martin (2000)

#2751 Detective Timothy Habich (2007)

#2728 Officer Benjamin Kyler (2012)

#2725 Officer Robert Barth (1995)

#2726 Officer David Wetten (2012)

#2729 Officer Richard Subers (2006) 

#2735 Officer Daniel Fisher (2008)

#2733 Officer Kevin Crouse (2008)

#2736 Officer Fran Bruder (2008)

#2771 Officer Jonathan Zebley (2009)

#2732 Officer Richard Clymer (2009)

#2772 Officer Matthew Jenkins (2012)

#2731 Officer Joseph Fuller (2014)

#2739 Officer Matthew Hughes (2014)