Stormwater Management

Brookhaven sits between the Chester and Ridley Creeks which drain directly into the Delaware River; this makes being aware of the impact of stormwater runoff even more important for our residents.

Routine tasks like washing your car, deicing your driveway, or fertilizing your lawn can produce harmful water runoff and have a significant effect on the environment.

The resources on this page will help residents to understand the importance of stormwater management, inform residents of how the risk of unintentional pollution can be reduced, and provide information on what to do if residents suspect pollution or want to report an unsafe situation.

How to Report an Issue:

(Phone Numbers on on the bottom of the page)

Citizens can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams before they cause more damage and pollution. You may be the first to recognize “illicit”, nonpermitted discharges – typically any flows other than rainwater- being directed into storm sewers or out of pipes into streams. “Dry weather flows”, defined as flows from stormwater outfall pipes after a 48 hour period without rain, should also be reported to your municipality for further investigation.

New stormwater regulations from Pennsylvania’s Department of EnvironmentalProtection (DEP) require that your municipality investigate more thoroughly potentially illicit discharges into our streams. You can help by promptly reporting the following events to the authorities listed in the “Hotlines” box below.

• Sediment leaving a construction site during rain events and other violations
• Observed pollution event or pollutants in stream
• Clogged or leaking sewer lines or water main breaks
• Inadequately treated discharges from sewage treatment plants
• Dumping, spills, or other directed discharges (other than rainwater) into storm sewers or streams
• Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams
• Fish kills

Web Resources:

Click here to learn about how to prevent or help control pollution from stormwater runoff.

EPA Stormwater Pollutant Elimination Information

PA. Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Information Page

Penn State Water Quality Newsletter

Estuary News

Natural Lands Trust Program Information

Important Phone Numbers: 

DEP 24 Hour Water Quality Hotline 484-250-5900 Call anytime, including evenings and weekends
DEP Water Quality Complaints (Weekdays) 484-250-5991 Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm
Off Site discharge of sediment,erosion, and other improper controls during construction. Delaware Co. Conservation District:
Chester Co. Conservation District
 Send photo, full address, and directions
Clogged or leaking sanitary sewer lines; sewage smell in creek; illegal discharges into creeks or storm drains.



 Brookhaven Borough Offices 610-874-2557 Weekdays After Hours: Call 911
Fish Kills PA Fish and Boat Commission 717-626-0228 DEP 24 Hour Water Quality Hotline 484-250-5900
 Dry weather outfall flows



 Brookhaven Borough Offices 610-874-2557 Weekdays
 Broken water mains



 Chester Water Authority 610-876-8181 24 Hours
 Broken water mains Aqua Pennsylvania 610-525-1402 24 Hours

For updates, contact the Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association (610-892-8731)