Committees/Commissions & Council Assignments

Each Council Member chairs or participates on a Borough Committee or Board.  If you have any questions, please contact the Council Member(s) associated with the pertinent Committee or Board.

Arbor/Shade Tree Committee – Janice Sawicki (Chair)
Board of Health – Terry Heller (Chair)
Building Committee – Terry Heller (Chair)
Business Revitalization Committee – Donna Fooks (Chair), Cherie Heller, Terry Heller
Civil Service Commission – George Pappas (Liaison)
Condo Association Committee – George Pappas (Chair), Donna Fooks
Emergency Management Committee – Cherie Heller (Chair)
Finance and Administration Committee – Janice Sawicki (Chair), Donna Fooks, Hector Vazquez
Fire Committee – Cherie Heller (Chair), Janice Sawicki
Grant Committee – Janice Sawicki (Chair), Donna Fooks, Terry Heller
Historical Committee – Michael Gilroy (Chair), Terry Heller
Holiday Parade Committee – Donna Fooks (Co-Chair), Cherie Heller (Co-Chair)
Long Term & Comprehensive Plan Committee – Janice Sawicki (Chair), Donna Fooks, Terry Heller
Ordinance Committee – Donna Fooks (Chair)
Personnel Committee – George Pappas (Chair), Cherie Heller
Planning Commission – George Pappas (Liaison)
Police Committee – Cherie Heller (Chair), Michael Gilroy, George Pappas
Public Works Committee – Hector Vazquez (Chair), Terry Heller, George Pappas
Recreation Board – Donna Fooks (Co-Chair), Cherie Heller (Co-Chair)
Recycling/Trash Committee – Donna Fooks (Chair)
School Board – Donna Fooks (Liaison)
Technology & Communications Committee – Donna Fooks (Co-Chair), Cherie Heller (Co-Chair), Michael Gilroy
Workplace Safety Committee – George Pappas (Chair)
Zoning Hearing Board – George Pappas (Co-Liaison), Hector Vazquez (Co-Liaison)