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Trash Collection:
Monthly Schedule of Trash & Curbside waste
Regular trash – Every Wednesday of the month.
Bulk trash – Every Wednesday of the month. Max 3 Bulk Items (Refrigerators, Freezers and air conditioners must be properly drained of Freon.)
Recyclables – Every Wednesday of the month. Glass, plastics, and aluminum cans can be co-mingled and placed in one container.

Leaf Collection:  
Brookhaven provides leaf collection. The schedule is listed in the resident’s borough newsletter. Rake your leaves next to the curb but not in the street, and they will be picked up according to the street schedule published. This program runs during October, November and December. Once your street is done during each designated time frame, it will not be done again. Please have your leaves ready on the first day scheduled for your Zone.

Branch Chipper:
The Borough has purchased a chipper to chip Christmas trees and trimmed branches four times a year. This schedule is published in the borough newsletter, BROOKHAVEN BOROUGH BUSINESS, which is mailed to every home. Please note: you must call 874-2557 to schedule a pickup during the designated periods. Maximum time limit for chipping at each home is 15 minutes. Also, residents can take their yardwaste (branches no wider than 4” in diameter, nor longer than 4’ in length) to the County’s Compost Farm on the third Wednesday of each month from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Proof of residency is required.


Please note that styrofoam is not accepted for recycling

Accepted recyclables are:

Glass bottles
Glass jars
Aluminum cans
Steel cans
Plastics #1-7
Junk Mail

Background Information

In 2019,  each household received a large green recycling container to use on curbside recycling days. If you have recently moved into the Borough and they were not left for you by the previous owner/tenant or if your container has become lost, you may get a replacement by calling the Borough Secretary at (610) 874-2557. The curbside collection does not apply to residents of Hilltop Condominiums, Trimble Run Condominiums or the Stone Hill (Camelot Court) Apartments. Brookhaven Borough is not responsible for picking up this trash.

Also, residents can now recycle office paper, junk mail, cardboard, & product boxes that are used for items like cracker, cereal, etc.

Residents may check with supermarkets, such as Giant and Pathmark, to determine if they give a rebate for reusing brown or plastic grocery bags.

Used motor oil can be recycled by taking it to Pep Boys and Jiffy Lube. It is important that the used oil not be contaminated with any other fluids or debris.

Municipal Office

2 Cambridge Rd
Brookhaven, PA 19015
Phone: (610) 874-2557
Fax: (610) 874-2612
Office Hours: Monday Thru Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Fire Department

2 Cambridge Road
Suite 52
Brookhaven, PA 19015
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-Emergency Phone: (610) 872-8093

Police Department

2 Cambridge Road
Brookhaven, PA 19015
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-Emergency Phone: (610) 876-6142
Police Tip Line: (610) 876-6142, Ext:32
Fax : (610) 874-2066

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