Overview of Brookhaven

Brookhaven was incorporated as a borough on April 4, 1945. The earliest occupants of the land that is now Brookhaven were the Lenni-Lenape people, which may mean the “real people” or “the original people”. It was this group with whom William Penn negotiated to secure a legal claim to the land he had received from the king in 1681:

  • A large land grant of 317 acres was surveyed to Thomas Coebourne who settled here in 1682 from Berkshire, England
  • Richard Few, who was appointed constable, was granted 227 acres the same year
  • Thomas Brassey became the owner of 385 acres in 1684.
  • The original grants were parceled eventually into smaller acreages and sold to subsequent settlers whose names we recognize today, such as Trimble, Edwards, Lister, Shepherd, among others.
  • Earlier settlers in this area were predominantly of English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh extractions. They were farmers, dairymen, mill workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and weavers, with lawyers, doctors, and merchants coming into the mix of the growing village community. 

The Borough of Brookhaven has grown and prospered enormously since it was incorporated in 1945. The farms and farmhouses along Edgmont Avenue became businesses, shopping centers, and professional offices. The bucolic way of life that characterized early Brookhaven has dramatically changed to meet the diverse needs of its new residents. It has evolved into a well-knit, flourishing community of people willing to help their neighbors, looking forward to the future, and bound together for the common good. We are Brookhaven strong.