Emergency Management

The Brookhaven Fire Company Siren  
The siren pattern is different depending on it’s purpose, please take a moment and know what to listen for…

  1. When the siren sounds for Fire Company alarms it will only alert (rise and fall) for 30 seconds and the siren will then shut off.
  2. When the siren is needed for Emergency Management use, it will sound at full volume for a steady 3 minutes this long siren blast is to alert residents that there is a weather emergency (flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, snow and ice emergencies).

In the event that the siren sounds for Emergency Management, residents are advised to turn to local news, the borough cable channel, or this site for additional information.

Things to think about if the siren sounds…
1. Be aware of your surroundings!
2. Refrain from potentially hazardous activities.
3. Prepare for potential power outages.
4. Be alert for directions from emergency personnel.

Generator Safety

Click here for generator safety information

Many households may have purchased a generator to use during power outages. These useful items can be extremely dangerous if used improperly, please follow these tips to avoid a tragedy.

  • Read the manual and abide by manufacturers recommendations.
  • Install CO detectors inside your home.
  • Avoid an overload by knowing the specifications of your generator.
  • Never run your generator in an enclosed space such as a basement or garage; generators should be operated away from homes so that the exhaust may safely vent, do not run a generator near a window or air intake.
  • Use appropriate power cords for your appliances, using a cord that is not rated for the appliance can result in a fire.
  • Use caution when refilling the generators fuel supply, the heat from the generator could ignite the fuels.
  • Allow the generator to cool before storing it after use, even if it is not running it can be hot enough to start a fire.