Stormwater Tips

After a very rainy month of May, here are a few reminders about stormwater. When rain hits the pavement, whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk or street, it picks up and mixes with what is there.This could include:

  • oil, grease and automotive fluid;
  • fertilizer and pesticides from gardens and homes;
  • bacteria from pet waste and improperly maintained septic systems;
  • soap from car washing;
  • debris and litter.

Many assume that stormwater flows down storm drains and then to a treatment facility. That is not the case.  Stormwater flows from the inlets directly into local waters, including the ocean. Do your part to prevent stormwater pollution.  Do not put anything down a storm drain; clean up after your pet; take your car to a commercial car wash instead of washing at home; and minimize use of fertilizers and pesticides.