Crozer Health Advises Borough of Possible Paramedic Termination


The Brookhaven Fire Company, on behalf of the Borough, and Crozer Keystone Health System have maintained a long-term contractual relationship wherein Crozer has provided advanced life support (“ALS”) emergency medical services to our residents. On April 12, 2022, Crozer Health President & CEO Kevin Spiegel sent a letter to Mayor Denise Leslie giving the Borough 10 days to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or face a 90-day notice to terminate ALS paramedic services for our residents. Crozer Health has taken the position that the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the financial viability of its hospital system, and that to maintain its current level of service, it requires increased financial support from the municipalities it serves. Mr. Spiegel has advised the Borough and Aston Twp. that the ALS paramedic response vehicle that serves both municipalities is operated by Crozer Health at a $338,000 annual loss. Consequently, Crozer Health is seeking “recompense” from the municipalities to continue providing ALS emergency medical services to our communities. Brookhaven Borough has a large contingent of senior citizens who have come to rely on Crozer Health to provide ALS services in the event of a medical emergency. Generations of Brookhaven residents have entrusted their healthcare to the hospitals and medical professionals in the Crozer Health System. Crozer Health has received a great financial benefit from the trust and support given by Borough residents over these many years. Borough officials have requested from Crozer Health a financial report documenting its purported financial losses associated with its ALS paramedic services so that it may provide an informed response to Crozer’s demand for increased funding. Borough officials have also met with the Crozer Health President & CEO and other stakeholders to advise that the emergency funding Crozer Health is demanding is not a budgeted expense that the Borough can sustain in the present fiscal year. Negotiations are ongoing and the Borough will update the public as new developments occur.