Mayor’s Corner – Mayor Denise Leslie

Mayor’s Welcome

Dear Residents and Visitors,

I would like to welcome you to the Borough of Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.  Our hope is that all residents and visitors find the information contained within our website to be useful.  Brookhaven is home to more than 8,500 residents and approximately 150 businesses. Our people live and work in over 3,600 homes, apartments, condominiums and commercial properties.

We love Brookhaven and we know you will too! My hope is that you have an opportunity to meet our amazing people and explore the community with all its outstanding characteristics.  

Brookhaven has long been called “A Community with Unity”. 

We are extremely thankful to have so many volunteers who support and help with so many activities for residents and visitors of all ages.

As Mayor, my promise to this community is to work with our council, staff members, our residents & our business owners for the betterment of Brookhaven.  Together with everyone, we will continue to keep our borough a beautiful, progressive and safe place to live and visit. 

“Brookhaven… A place we can all be proud to call home!”


Denise Leslie, Mayor
Brookhaven Borough

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